Investing More Than Capital

Argento Investments

Corporate Investment – Business Turnaround – Operational Management

Advance your business

Do you need investment to improve your systems, product, market presence and profitability?

Propel your business

Do you have a great business plan that needs investment and support to maximise its potential?

Exit your business

Are you ready to exit your business? Planning on retirement? Moving on to something new? Management succession?

Company Investment

Argento invests time, skill and capital into British companies. Enabling stable growth, facilitating change, and turnaround where needed, in partnership with the owners. The focus is mainly, but not exclusively, on manufacturing businesses often in the construction, industrial or building materials sector.

A Winning Partner

Argento Investments was established in 2017 by a small team of private investors.

The Argento Management Team oversee and support the portfolio of businesses whilst identifying further investment opportunities and collaborative growth.

Why Choose Argento?

By contributing professional expertise and multi-level support, as investors, the team work with businesses in achieving their goals and reaching their full potential.

How We Work

Together we identify your needs and priorities, we then assign the appropriate expertise within the team to work closely with you, your team, to guide best practice, facilitate change, and provide visibility and data for next steps.

We seek to improve and enhance a company’s efficiency, profitability and growth.

To find out how Argento can work together with your company, contact us today: