Why Choose Argento

Choosing a Business Investor

Argento Investments target opportunities to grow and build sustainable, successful businesses in their target markets. They seek companies that have the opportunity and aspirations for growth, owners looking to exit their business, or companies in distress needing a turnaround. Argento have the skills and financial foundation to build companies which have potential for the future.

They believe there are various elements to the manufacturing business model that can create a differentiated, scalable and highly profitable business. By identifying companies that can be transitioned through the implementation of operational best practices and turned into profitable, successful companies the Argento Investments team can repeat this successful model time and time again.

Progressive Teamwork

Argento Investments believes that the combination of experience and fresh thinking leads to a better performance. Working together as a team means everyone has a voice, everyone takes responsibility, and everyone is working to the same goal.

Efficient Teams & Sustainable Structure

Using best practice procedures they help companies run efficiently, proficiently and in the most cost-effective manner, to help build sustainable, lasting value in our companies.

As members of Silvanito Holdings Ltd, their experience across the sector has shown that operational improvements and growth strategies, along with partnership across management teams and operating professionals delivers the foundation upon which to move forward successfully.

The Silvanito Holdings Ltd Group

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To find out how Argento can work together with your company, contact us on info@argento-investments.com